Luna is a Cape Town based supplier of fresh, sustainable coffee.

Coffee. It’s how we start our day. It’s the sip we savour, it’s the break we take. It’s the fuel we need to keep rising.

Our coffee


100% arabica, the Full Moon Blend represents the smoothest combination of origins from South/Central America and Africa.

Taste description

  • The grand combination of these tasty origins is a smooth chocolate textured cup with a lively ‘back-of-mouth’ taste, and a fresh, lingering aftertaste. FULL MOON is a versatile coffee that can be enjoyed in any of the multiple brewing methods, providing the grind is appropriate. It’s the perfect cup of coffee to perk up your café, restaurant or office. Our coffee is the main ingredient for the Espresso used in this classic Tiramisu dessert. We also supply the coffee used in this classic coffee Ice Cream recipe.

Available in

  • • 250g
  • • 1kg


We offer a variety of seasonal single origin beans that have unique characteristics and consistent flavours.

Beans we stock

  • • Colombian
  • • Costa Rica
  • • Gautemala
  • • Uganda
  • • Ethiopia

Available in

  • • 250g
  • • 1kg


Serve Luna in your café, restaurant or office. We’re committed to producing only the freshest, highest quality coffee for your clientele. FULL MOON serves as an easy drinking coffee across espresso and manual brew methods, while our dark roast compostable espresso pods offer a sustainable solution for all domestic Nespresso® coffee machines.